Company Profile

IGA Technologies CJSC is Russian IT Company, providing professional consulting and after-sales services on the market of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Dassault Systemes, world leader in the field of PLM solutions, is the major technology and business partner of IGA Technologies.

IGA Technologies is authorized for sale, technical support and consulting on deployment, configuring, integration and maintenance of Dassault Systemеs software product portfolio on the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Priority objective of our company is to ensure proper selection, classification, adaptation and transfer of innovative technologies into domestic industry to contribute to modernization processes and technical upgrade of enterprises, increase quality of RnD, design, manufacturing and other critical stages of products lifecycle.

IGA Technologies will help you with the following:

• Identify the most successful PLM solutions implementation and integration both for single enterprise and for a group of companies;

• Mitigate risks and reduce costs of IT systems integration;

• Significantly improve labor efficiency of each employee, involved in product development, through optimized and elaborated use of PLM systems.

IGA Technologies provides the following solutions and services:

1. Full range of complex automation services for all stages of product lifecycle, starting from analysis of business processes and ending with system commissioning and further technical support for users.

2. Wide array of engineering services, such as:

• design engineering for all product development stages in accordance with USDD;

• stress analysis and hydrodynamic computations;

• preproduction engineering.

3. Development and integration of practical solutions into design, production, operation and maintenance processes to improve efficiency and optimize terms and costs.

4. Creation of complex hardware infrastructure at high technical level, taking into account software requirements and predicted computation load.

5. Development, production and assembling of interactive 3D visualization systems (virtual reality systems) that create more realistic perception and immersion into digital multidimensional space.

6. Integration of complex ERP systems for business processes automation at all levels. 

7. Integration of heterogeneous information and contiguous information systems to create unified digital domain for all types of data.