Virtual Reality

The visual pathway processes up to 80% of information received from the outside world. Application of cutting-edge 3D stereo technology in combination with high quality imaging and tracking systems allowed us to develop a solution, significantly enhancing perception capacities using 3DEXPERIENCE tools, whereby product development and production process moved to a whole new level.

Geographically dispersed team of designers, engineers, manufacturers and representatives of operating companies gain an opportunity to work in unified virtual environment in real time, and to make critical decisions collectively.

The main idea of modern virtual reality systems reside in substitution of real information, received through sensory organs, for computer-generated information. Therefore, being in virtual reality we can observe digital models.

Possibilities of interactive virtual modeling are widely used by leading manufacturers in various industries as an alternative for prototyping and costly preproduction models. These systems are successfully applied in education and medical sector, scientific researches and modeling, affording an opportunity to observe digital models in a familiar way.

Main advantages of such systems implementation:

• Rapid assessment of work results during designing and preproduction phase, as well as error checking during product development;

• Possibility for assessment of product ergonomics;

• Development of kinematics and machinery, real-scale simulation of a new product;

• Product demo, taking into account client feedback before product manufacturing;

• Absence of necessity to create large number of full-scale mock-ups and prototypes;

• Personnel training on early stages of design process.

IGA Technologies deals with development and promotion of similar solutions in the present-day Russian market. The company is not a distributor or contractor, integrating out-of-the-box foreign solutions. IGA Technologies is a domestic developer that is an outstanding feature of the company. This results in considerable cost cutting and reduction of integration period.