EXALEAD OnePart solution is a corporate search system, ensuring real time access to the required data, stored on different IT resources of the enterprise.

Experience has proven that most part of employees dealing with intellectual property of the enterprise spend 20-50% of working hours searching for relevant information. In case if the required data are not found within several minutes, employees decide to elaborate such data from scratch or to use available, but incomplete data. Thus, absence of quick and precise search tools impede the process of stored knowledge reuse and prevents effective resource management within the company.

The problem is aggravated year by year with more complex and diverse data type appearing, as well as with rapidly increasing amount of multimedia data, map materials, corporate databases, various digital models (drawings, 3D models, and simulated models), etc. Searching through digital models, being the most demanding type of data, is of specific interest among diverse types information.

Large volume of documents is produced during the entire product lifecycle that requires considerable labor efforts. Therefore, all collected information about products shall be accessible for repeated use.

Just imagine how it may help saving precious time and spend it for new productive ideas, if it turns out that an item to be designed and developed within the framework of current project had already been developed by your colleague from another department. In addition, this item has ready-to-use 3D model, design documentation, digital program data and process flow documentation, taking into account industry specifics. Each employee and the company in general will benefit from reuse of available materials, and this is quite possible due to recent development of Dassault Systemes – EXALEAD OnePart search engine.

EXALEAD OnePart solution enables search for diverse format documents in a split second. It is possible to narrow search field in a few mouse clicks and omit several product development stages using minimum information about approximate geometrical configuration of the item, time when the engineer worked on this item, CAD tool used for its development, item material and dimensions.

The images below represent operation interface of EXALEAD OnePart search system with its comprehensive and accessible methods, helping to determine time span of item development, CAD tool used for modeling, file type to be searched, dimensions and weight of the item and many other parameters that might significantly narrow search area.

The system offers user-friendly interface, recognizable and easy-to-master for everyone, who used Google or Bing search engines before. EXALEAD OnePart, being a product developed by Dassault Systemes, provides possibility to search for items, designed not only in CATIA and SolidWorks, but also in other popular CAD tools. Complete list is provided below:

• CATIA V5 2D/3D


• SolidWorks 2D/3D

• AutoCAD 2D


• PTC Creo3D



Search cab be made by different type of data, such as:

1. File system;

2. PDM systems;

• SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

• ENOVIA SmarTeam



• PTC Windchill ProjectLink

• PTC Windchill PDMLink

• Siemens TeamCenter Enterprise

• Siemens TeamCenter Unified

3. Corporate content management system (CMS);

• Sharepoint

• Documentum

4. Other corporate resources.

• ERP systems

• ETL solutions



EXALEAD OnePart solution ensures fast and easy item search by geometric configuration, thus accelerating and simplifying work process. Consequently, this will redound to advantage of each employee in particular, and of financial benefit for the company in general.

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