ENOVIA V6 is a new generation platform designed for product lifecycle management. ENOVIA provides the company with tools for continuous control over all processes of new product creation from an idea to production. ENOVIA V6 combines a wide array of software products and solutions that allows its effective use as the primary system regardless of the size of enterprise.

The main advantage of ENOVIA V6 is possibility of business processes integration and optimization for the entire enterprise. Ultimate principle reside in key information exchange between all process participants and assistance in optimum decision-making, regardless of the purpose of application, whether it is product line and project management or design/production cycle management.

User interface of ENOVIA V6 is fully integrated with design, calculation, planning and management tools and solutions, developed by Dassault Systèmes and other suppliers. Main access methods for platform is arranged through browser, allowing to access information and took part in work process any time and from any location. ENOVIA V6 includes ready-to-use business processes, developed based on company experience working with world leaders. This allows getting quick benefit from platform implementation.

Unified platform for team-work

Basis for all ENOVIA applications (packages). Platform includes a set of services for business processes, allowing to perform interaction between all users regardless of the task.

• Navigation through business objects;

• General means of teamwork organization;

• Possibilities to work with business processes and system architecture;

• Unified data model;

• Search system;

• Unified web interface.

Synchronization server

The server allows arranging productive work, while establishing remote access points for end users.

• Possibility to arrange physical location of file depots in close vicinity to users in remote offices;

• Availability of in-house tool for data replication.

Microsoft applications integration server

Integration of ENOVIA functionality into Microsoft Office applications.

• Availability of ENOVIA functionality directly in MS Office applications and Windows Explorer;

• Enhanced level of documents management;

• Centralized document control.

Studio Modeling Platform| Customization Toolkit | Federation Toolkit | Schema Analyzer | Architect Edition | Developer Edition

Development tools and ENOVIA functional extensions.

• Integration with third-party systems;

• Data model extension;

• Interface customization;

• Auxiliary tools for recording system condition and changes;

• Applications development based on V6 architecture.

Designer Central

Functionality of CAD applications within the unified data model:

• Independence from using a single CAD application;

• Compliance with overall architecture;

• Centralized documents management.

Collaborative Design for CATIA V5

Integration allows using files, developed in CATIA V5, for business processes, and provides possibility to use ENOVIA V6 functionality directly in CATIA V5:

• Uploading and downloading of documents in ENOVIA, including a complex of related automatic operations, ensuring applicability of CATIA results for overall processes of different users.

• Tools for effective organization of local workplace for engineers.

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