NC programming

NC programming is the most important stage during machining on CNC machines, since NC file allows using equipment capacities to the maximum extent, avoiding possible implications during on-machine processing of items. During this process, it is important to take into account even the finest details, since slightest inaccuracy may results in overcutting and collisions with real item.

Our solutions, based on Dassault Systems products, allow developing and optimizing NC file for 2- 5-axis CNC machines for items of any complexity, taking into account all manufacturing nuances, using modern machining methods.

Manufacturing engineers, taking into account available set of processing strategies, shall determine processing technology. Thus, stratified processing in parallel steps, processing along spiral or other methods can be applied for rough milling; contouring or surface processing using different approaches can be applied for fine milling. Upon identification of items to be processed, selection of cutting tool, processing methods and parameters by process engineer, CAM systems performs automatic calculation of toolpath contour. Afterwards, toolpath contour can be modified in NC file for certain CNC machine by means of relevant post processor.

In addition to the above-mentioned «conventional» programs, it is also possible to solve such tasks as toolpath contour optimization, processing accuracy control, collision check in the following system: machine – appliance – tool – workpiece. Solution for these problems is based on integrated application of 3D models for workpiece, cutting and ancillary tools, appliances and CNC machine.

Our company renders control software development services for lathing, milling and electro-discharge machining.

Fig. 1. Milling process visualization