Dassault Systemes, being leading developer of solutions for product lifecycle management, offers 3DVIA Composer package as part of PLM products portfolio. 3DVIA Composer is a multipurpose tools, designed for creation of interactive technical documentation for the designed items. This tools is a good choice for companies of any size. Thanks to handy and functional system of multimedia content development, 3DVIA Composer services for automation of item assembling/disassembling procedures, creation of technical illustrations, interactive 3D animation, marketing materials, product catalogs, tutorials, etc.

Fully 3D-based technology is an outstanding feature of 3DVIA Composer. Friendly format and open XML architecture allows a wide range of users without CAD experience to create 2D and 3D representation materials using digital models of the designed items. 3DVIA is successfully applied in sales and marketing departments, service and training, as well as design and production departments.

3DVIA Composer allows to import 3D data from majority of modern CAD and PLM systems in native formats or in 3DXML. Imported objects are grouped in an assembly, used as the basis to form specifications (Fig.1) The developed interactive manuals can be stored in type of compact EXE files with embedded free 3DVIA Player. Such files can be viewed on any computer without pre-installed CAD systems. 3DVIA Composer projects can be saved in different standard formats, for instance, PDF, HTML, SVG, CGM, 3DXML, AVI, Microsoft Office, etc. This allows using 3DVIA Composer graphic and multimedia objects even in conventional text documents. Therefore, low effective and labor intensive methods of documentation creation become a thing of the past with the advent of 3DVIA Composer. Necessity in expensive services of such specialists as photographers and illustrator disappears; documentation prime cost reduces along with increasing representation and perception quality of materials.

Fig. 2. Document lifecycle in product lifecycle: 1 – documentation development using conventional method; 2 – documentation development using 3DVIA Composer.

Implementation of 3DVIA Composer helps to save much time, which is usually spent for reworking or updating documentation in case of amendments to the product structure (fig. 2). Update occurs automatically due to associative relation with engineering 3D model. Cost and period of documentation development is also reduced due to more effective use of information about the designed item: documentation development in 3DVIA Composer can be started from early stages, when engineering model is not entirely formed; upon completion of design works, it would be easy to update graphical and multimedia content in the prepared document template.

3DVIA Composer product suite

3DVIA Composer solution consists of several interconnected modules.

3DVIA Composer is the basic module, designed for development of interactive technical documentation based on engineering 3D models. This module was designed especially for developers of interactive technical documentation and does not require any specific knowledge and experience of work in CAD system. User-friendly interface ensures convenient work with graphic and textual objects, their properties and representation options, which can be saved in style library and repeatedly used in future. Creation of complex animation (assembling/disassembling kinematics, camera flyby, show/hide components, arrows and annotations), high quality graphics (SVG, CGM) and technical illustrations is a matter of minutes;

3DVIA Player is a free utility, designed for distribution and review of interactive technical documentation, developed using 3DVIA Composer. However, 3DVIA Player is not just simple viewer software. Player is integrated into interactive manuals so that such materials can be viewed on any computer without using CAD systems. In addition, 3DVIA Player ensures operation of OLE objects, integrated in Microsoft Office documents, PDM systems and web pages;

3DVIA Safe is designed to manage access rights to interactive documentation functionality (view, edit, copy, print, elements mapping, model quality, etc.) and to ensure intellectual property protection;

3DVIA Sync and 3DVIA Sync Integration are developed to ensure synchronization and automatic update of geometric parameters, metadata and specifications in case of changes to the initial engineering 3D models;

3DVIA Path Planning and 3DVIA Check ensure automated creation of assembling/disassembling sequences for 3D nods and mechanisms with test for physical contact (impacting) between 3D objects.

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