Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a management process for the entire product lifecycle, starting from conceptual product definition, designing and prototyping, and ending with batch production, operation, maintenance, upgrading and decommissioning.

PLM methods can be effectively applied almost in every industry, since any produced item, engineering, industrial or infrastructure facility can serve as the object of management.

PLM forms a complex system of progressive approaches and process tools, such as computer-aided designing (CAD), data managements, collaborative development, visualization, digital manufacturing, finite element analysis and requirements management.

Dassault Systemes is a global leader among product lifecycle management systems.

The diagram below shows how PLM solutions of Dassault Systemes are applied for data support on different stages of product lifecycle:

Benefits of PLM:

• Unification of information space for every party, involved in product lifecycle processes;

• Structuring information and documentation about product;

• Provision of immediate access to product information and documentation for all parties, involved in product lifecycle process;

• Provision of effective teamwork and information exchange between all parties, involved in product lifecycle process;

• Production of groundbreaking products and services;

• Meeting deadlines for product designing and production, improving quality of design solutions;

• Mitigating and managing technological and production risks, improving quality of end product.

IGA Technologies, being a business partner of Dassault Systemes in Russia and CIS countries, features high level expertise of PLM solutions for shipbuilding, rocket and space industry, power engineering and industrial equipment. Our work process is guided by the main principle – in-depth study of goals and objectives of our Clients and iterative development of recommendations and methods for PLM systems integration into enterprise production activities, taking into account industry specifics.