One of the major long-standing problems of CATIA V6 localization is resolved

We are glad to announce that one of the major long-standing problems of CATIA V6 system localization is resolved: preparation of design documentation in accordance with GOST. IGA Technologies developers’ team elaborated functional solution for CATIA V6 Drafting, allowing to prepare design documentation in accordance with the Unified System of Design Documentation (USDD – complication of several GOSTs based on application purpose).

Tools for prompt and handy preparation of mechanical item drawings were absent in CATIA V6 for the following distinctive features of USDD: title block filling, designation of unspecified surface undulation on drawing, designation of non-detachable connections, designation of marking or sealing, reference location and handling for parts and assembly units. In addition, national standard has a specific requirement to designation of section line, which was not supported by CATIA V6. Moreover, manual adaptation of each line is troublesome and makes automation impracticable. Command for creation of undulating break-line was absent. Because of these unique features of domestic standards for preparation of design documentation CATIA could not be used in end-to-end process from 3D model development until documentation release. Implementation of GOST Drafting module for CATIA V6 is aimed to resolve all these issues, as the module has general functionality for preparation of 2D documentation in accordance with USDD.

Now it is possible to develop 3D model and prepare drawings using one and the same interface. Thanks to CATIA GOST Drafting application, all necessary tools are integrated into the unified CATIA V6 interface.

Another step to improve operational comfort for the Russian engineers using CATIA V6 is creation of GOST standard items catalog, currently including about 26,000 units. The number of items will increase to 360,000 before the end of 2014.

CATIA GOST Drafting successful passed verification in the process of actual research and development work. Currently engineers of Technomash SPA actively use it.

In addition to further product support and development of CATIA GOST Drafting functionality, developers of IGA Technologies are planning to create additional applications for implementation of the Russian standards in CATIA:

• Toolset for USDD implementation in CATIA V5;

• Standard items catalog consisting of 360,000 components;

• Toolset for SDDC (System of design documentation for construction);

• Toolset for USPD (Unified System of Process Documentation);

• Application for preparation of drawings in accordance with Shipbuilding Industry Standards of the Russian Federation.