Laying down of self-propelled floating crane for the Ministry of Defense

On 28 November 2014 Almaz Shipbuilding Company OJSC laid down another self-propelled floating crane with 35-150 tonnes capacity for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Self-propelled floating crane was designed by SpetsSudoProekt CJSC specialists. To identify and rectify designing errors, IGA Technologies CJSC performed 3D digital verification of the developed crane design that allowed improving quality of the design documentation and reducing the number of manufacturing defects consequently.

This marine self-propelled floating crane can be used for all types of freight operations, in addition, it can be used for installation and removal of mooring equipment, tightening lashing chains of floating causeways, moving cargo on the upper deck. Crane displacement tonnage – 2 thousand tonnes, length – 50m, width – 22m, operating range – 3.5 thousand miles, sea endurance – 10 days, lifting capacity – 35-150 tonnes.