Dassault Systèmes announced acquisition of QUINTIQ Company

On 24 June 2014, Dassault Systèmes announced acquisition of QUINTIQ Company, developer of planning and process optimization software. Thus, 3DEXPERIENCE platform enhances to serve for business activity planning that will result in harmonization of all Dassault Systèmes products. QUINTIQ will add a new product line for DELMIA, consisting of the best applications in the given software class.

QUINTIQ primary objective reside in development of unified software to accomplish all planning tasks. QUINTIQ strategy is aimed to provide clients with a platform, covering all planning stages with possibility to tackle specific tasks, i.e. customized solution with strong vertical alignment of tasks.

Main market segments:

• Metallurgy

• Production

• Logistics

• Aviation

• Transport

• Power engineering

• Human resources

QUINTIQ provides solution for such specific task as demand planning. Conventional forecasting is based upon historical sales data, but QUINTIQ prepares a forecast based on historical data exclusive of rare events. In addition, statistical model can be applied to historical data to predict future demand. QUINTIQ also considers comments of the end users, such as sales managers or relevant industry experts, that facilitates improvement of statistical forecast accuracy. Preliminary budget plan will be created based on such forecast. This plan will include finite capacities and can be applied for order planning.

QUINTIQ makes it easier to analyze and manage scenarios, for instance, review alternative ways of product manufacturing or compare and estimate possible expenditures and revenue. This solution is also convenient for supply chain designing due to user-friendly interactive interface, allowing to model such facilities as plants, warehouses, raw materials, resources, transport, etc. QUINTIQ allows for plan optimization based on various parameters using easy configuring supply chain planner, taking into account such characteristics as production capacity limits and required warehouse capacity. In addition to the above tasks, QUINTIQ helps to resolve may other macro-planning tasks.

Two plan optimization options are given above. In both cases, the quantity of equipment and order processing sequences is equal. Based on analysis result, the second plan is 12% ahead of the first one. QUINTIQ solutions help to plan new daily commercial orders, determining readiness time depending on available resources, raw materials and production capacities. Possibility to estimate timely order processing ensures high quality customer service.

QUINTIQ software includes individual visualization of user activity that keeps decision-making process clear and simple.

Each company is unique. Hence, its success is based upon 100% precise modeling. For each market, QUINTIQ develops a unique set of standard rules and models, configurable for each client individually.

Such companies as Deutsche Bahn, Ericsson, DHL, WallMart, Danone, Alcoa, Arcelor Mittal, KLM, XTRATA. etc., achieved considerable reduction of time and financial expenditures through optimization of processes using QUINTIQ solutions.

In the Russian Federation, for instance, Severstal Public Company uses QUINTIQ solutions.