Industrial Equipment

Our mechanical engineering solutions include a large number of applications, designed for product lifecycle development and management. These applications have vast scope of use, from development and production of single items, to large series manufacturing.

All industrial equipment enterprises pursue the same objective – deliver quality products within limited time under conditions of increasing competition. It is inevitable that enterprises have to reduce product cost, prevent production overage, ensure quality support and maintenance for their clients.

With ever-growing cost of materials and energy resources, the companies strive to ensure outrunning development in certain industry sector, enhancing innovative component of the product, increasing profitability, being in compliance with international standards for product manufacturing, taking into account customer preferences at all stages of product development, trying to increase service life and revenue. Meeting customer needs is a key to success. Good managers understand it and facilitate innovative development of the company.

IGA Technologies is well aware of such requirements and provides possibility to resolve present-day business issues through integration of PLM solutions and integration with other corporate IT systems of the enterprise, offering competitive advantage on the market due to implementation of groundbreaking solutions for technology and information support of product lifecycle.

To ensure smooth operation of key processes, such as custom-specific assembly, customized batching and engineering design, as well as long-term support, we provide companies with services for upgrading of development tools and design reuse, we also create knowledge base for engineers and facilitate improvement of communication between company subdivisions and contractors, participating in product manufacturing.

Application of modern 3DEXPERIENCE technological platform, developed by Dassault Systemes, ensures competitive advantages for our clients and forms significant benefit through achievement of main performance targets, such as:

• Reduction of product development cost due to considerable reduction of design period and limiting design errors;

• Improvement of design solutions quality;

• Reduction of cost and number of tests, as well as increase of product quality due to implementation of digital modeling for products and technological process in virtual environment;

• Improvement of knowledge and intellectual property capitalization, possibility of prompt engineering design reuse, automation and optimization of business processes, reduction of data retrieval and transfer time, possibility of efficient collective integration and development through implementation of product data management system.