ENOVIA V6 integration at SpetsSudoProekt

Implementation of landing craft reverse engineering project for SPETSSUDOPROEKT CJSC Company, located in Saint Petersburg, required involvement of engineering department from Moscow.

To join the project IGA Technologies specialists proposed to arrange collaboration development based on ENOVIA V6 data management system. System deployment, customization and configuring was completed within two weeks. In total over 10 engineers, working in a unified information environment, took part in realization of reverse engineering project. The client was also provided with access to the unified work environment that allowed simplifying and accelerating the process of changes review and submission of the deliverables to the manufacturing plant.

Collaboration tools for local data relevance control and synchronization of file depots, allowed minimizing data transfer between two offices.

Tools for update lock, role-based access control, automated local data update and automated notifications allowed ensuring high level of work coordination. These tools allowed to avoid design errors, related to loss of changes, as well as to limit access for engineers in accordance with the assigned tasks and approved areas of responsibility.

In addition, automated data output tools were developed for interaction with the internal IT system of the client. This allowed for addition reduction of overhead costs during approval procedures.

This approach showed high efficiency, in this regard, design bureau executives made a decision for full-scale integration of PLM solution at the enterprise.

Altogether, it was decided to arrange automation of work for over 50 designers and engineers, for the entire quality management process, general company docflow, as well as to establish interaction with suppliers and customers.

Since this PLM integration project presupposed in-depth reworking of design processes, foreign company, specializing in PLM integration for shipbuilding industry, was invited to take part in joint project implementation.