Integration of ENOVIA Program Central for SpetsSudoProekt CJSC

Project goal

Increasing transparency of information processes, improving information relevance and quality, enhancing information scope and accessibility, improving budget and deadline management for the projects.


The following tasks are subject for completion to achieve the above goals: automation of data management process, increasing the level of project management automation, change management and quality management. Company management decided to choose solution based on Dassault Systemes’ ENOVIA product.


Application of a unified platform for project and design documentation management, as well as for general company document control, allows ensuring optimum data exchange, which, in its turn, facilitates efficient decision making to the company benefit. This advantage had influence on a choice made by company management.

SpetsSudoProekt CJSC

The company deals with development of design, offset table, manufacturing and operational documentation for shipbuilding and manufacturing of marine equipment. Highly qualified specialists of SpetsSudoProekt CJSC have rich experience in designing of cargo ships, towing vessels and barge-towing trains, passenger ships, engineering and auxiliary ships, as well as marine equipment.

Automation of data management processes

Low level of data management automation was detected within the company. Document preparation and handling was arranged manually using file system. This resulted in low level of project management automation, implementation of changes to the documents and quality management. Therefore, it was necessary to increase the level of business processes automation within the company and improve data exchange between employees. Integration of a solution, designed for product lifecycle management, became the main instrument to achieve this goal. SpetsSudoProekt CJSC company management decided to choose ENOVIA software, developed by Dassault Systemes.

Software customization in accordance with the client’s needs (solutions)

Application of this solution, based on ENOVIA product ensures information relevance and integrity, allows making proper planning and forecasting, guarantees compliance with project deadlines. It also allows for proper control over project implementation, design document management, risk and budget management. In the process of integrating PLM solution, based on ENOVIA product by Dassault Systemes, IGA Technologies CJSC specialists conducted software customization in accordance with the requirements, set by the employees of SpetsSudoProekt CJSC.

Front-end interface was updated, management tools for contracts preparation and production projects were improved. Implemented changes had positive influence on operating speed and quality at SpetsSudoProekt CJSC. Time, spent for development and issue of design documentation, as well as for changes review, significantly reduced. Documentation preparation process noticeably accelerated that allowed to complete projects on a tight schedule.

Integration of ENOVIA-based solution had positive effect on working efficiency of both technical specialists and administration staff. Dassault Systemes’ ENOVIA tools helped to make project management easier and more transparent. Control over deadlines and completion of current tasks became more convenient due to functionality update by IGA Technologies employees, which allows controlling progress of works with reference to the contracts. Visual user-friendly interface and relevance of information allows for better estimation of current situation and risk management.

Achievement of the target goals allowed controlling full value of the projects, deadlines, as well as risks related to project changes.