Development of Information System for Technical Level Assessment (ISTLA) based on ENOVIA


• Rocket and space industry (RSI) is the consumer and developer of cutting-edge technical achievements;

• Obsolescence, wear and tear of production facilities of RSI enterprises;

• Absence or limited access to information about technological development and production capacities of the enterprises of the industry sector;

• Lack of qualified personnel and problems with succession of knowledge and experience.

Project goal

Decision support for development of engineering assistance at RSI enterprises.


To achieve project goal it is necessary to improve provision of updated information about production rates and equipment at enterprise/enterprises, as well as to increase production chain transparency. To resolve these tasks it is required to create IT system based on 3DExperience ENOVIA by Dassault Systemes.


Implicit benefit is availability of full-scale and up-to-date information about production rates and equipment at enterprise/enterprises. In this regard, it becomes possible to analyze and evaluate production efficiency that streamlines decision-making process to the benefit of the company.

Technomash Scientific Production Association (SPA)

The company is the parent-enterprise of the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) for implementation of the Federal space program in manufacturing technologies. Specialists of Technomash SPA perform a wide range of works, covering manufacturing technologies.

Automating the evaluation process for technical and organizational level of space rocket equipment production.

Technomash SPA, within the framework of production system audit at RSI enterprises, conducted retrieval of information about current level of manufacturing equipment of the enterprise. Reliable, standard methods for data transfer were absent, therefore, data retrieval and processing was hampered and required significant upgrading.

In addition to improvement of data exchange quality, the enterprise faced the issue of production efficiency estimation. This process required an instrument that allows conducting analysis of production processes and monitoring enterprises operation dynamics. Company management made a decision to develop information analysis system for RSI manufacturing technologies support based on 3DExperience platform using ENOVIA software products.

Software customization in accordance with the client’s needs (solutions)

ENOVIA software package is an appropriate solution for various data management tasks, analysis of available information and preparation of production and sales forecast. All this became available due to the basic set of tools and exceptional flexibility of the platform.

Technomash SPA specialists developed the «Methodology for evaluation of technical and organizational level of RSI product manufacturing». Accurate implementation of all possibilities and advantages of ENOVIA solution by the specialists of IGA Technologies CJSC allowed elaborating functional extension for this product in accordance with the client’s requirements.

ISTLA includes a complex of programs, interfaces and associated data objects, helping to enhance ENOVIA package functionality. This development also includes already available components and new data model organization.

This functional extension is designed for input automation of equipment classification objects, allowing the users of the analyzed enterprise to enter data into the unified database. ISTLA is designed for preparation of analytical reports on items manufactured at the enterprise, and comparative reports on production process at different enterprises. Moreover, within the framework of information analysis system for manufacturing technologies support, customization of components for production simulation modeling (such as DELMIA) is possible for the purpose of analysis and further optimization of production.

The developed prototype of information analysis system for engineering support based on ENOVIA, allows for implementation of the system in future and further development of the provisions of the «Method for evaluation of technical and organizational level of RSI product manufacturing».