Development of three-dimensional digital model of Baksanskaya HPP diversion canal

Project goal and objectives

• Control over the progress of diversion canal reconstruction with referencing to geographic coordinates and survey stakes;

• Estimation and specification of the scope of earthworks and concreting;

• Creation of the unified documentation database for diversion canal with referencing to three-dimensional model objects;

• Identification of designing errors on early stages of work performance.

The works were performed within the framework of repair and reconstruction of Baksanskaya HPP diversion canal. IGA Technologies specialists developed digital mock-up of Baksanskaya HPP diversion canal on the first stage of project implementation. Digital terrain model was build based on laser scanning point cloud. Infrastructure facilities of the diversion canal were modeled using detailed construction documentation. The developed model of diversion canal allowed to identify a number of designing errors in construction documentation, as well as to specify the scope of construction works.

The second stage of projects implementation included proper parameterization of the digital three-dimensional model of Baksanskaya HPP diversion canal. In addition, digital model data were integrated into the schedule of reconstruction works. Regular updates on actual course of construction work allowed arranging supervision over the progress of construction based on three-dimensional model data.