Development of integration concept for lifecycle management technology at manufacturing infrastructure of Nizhegorodskaya HPP

Project goal and objectives

Development of a concept for complex optimization of planning processes, implementation of projects for technical upgrade and power assets operation with application of innovative approaches in the field of system engineering, complex multidimensional modeling and engineering data management for integration of the above approaches and technologies at Nizhegorodskaya HPP, based on digital prototype of HPP, developed using laser scanning and reverse-engineering of existing documentation for equipment and engineering system of the hydropower plant.

IGA Technologies specialists, within the framework of concept development, conducted the following works:

• Analysis of current tendencies in the field of information support to resolve the tasks of complex multidimensional parametric modeling and multiobjective optimization of power facilities digital models;

• Analysis of the advanced practices in application of power facilities lifecycle management technologies by leading companies in the sphere of global hydroelectric engineering;

• Formalization of limiting conditions for operation algorithms and system architecture of the overall system of multidimensional parametric modeling and processing of engineering data for power facilities;

• Development of the enterprise processes management system (repair, operation, technical upgrading, situation modeling, risk management, quality management system).

The developed concept was implemented within the framework of the project, aimed at development of design and detail design documentation for complex reconstruction of Nizhegorodskaya HPP. Actual three-dimensional model of HPP equipment and facilities will be developed during project implementation. This model will serve as the basis for development of complex reconstruction project.