Co-developing ship 3D model

SPETSSUDOPROEKT CJSC is a design bureau located in Saint Petersburg. The company specializes in designing of towing vessels, liquid cargo vessels and various special-purpose vessels. The enterprise used to apply 2D CAD systems as the main design tools that reduced company competitive ability on the market. Upon consultation with IGA Technologies personnel, SpetsSudoProekt company management made a decision to bring the enterprise into conformity with global designing standards and implement PLM system (product lifecycle management). In this regards, large-scale enterprise reorganization was divided into stages. The first stage included pilot project for reverse engineering of a landing craft.

Pilot project objectives include the following:

• Identification and rectification of designing errors in the initial design documentations, developed by another shipbuilding design bureau, created in 2D design tools;

• Laying out of pipelines, electric and other ship systems;

• Production of detailed drawings for various ship systems;

• Training for SPETSSUDOPROEKT CJSC employees: working in CATIA V5 three-dimensional CAD tool.

The following results were achieved during project implementation:

• SPETSSUDOPROEKT CJSC employees received training and learned to work in CATIA V5, including modules for designing of various systems and vessel hull;

• Communication was established between two remote design bureaus (SPETSSUDOPROEKT CJSC in Saint Petersburg and IGA Technologies design department in Moscow) to arrange simultaneous work on single project, using capacities of ENOVIA V6 modern data management system;

• Standard items catalog was developed;

• Digital model of landing craft was developed based on initial design, over 100 critical design errors were rectified based modeling results;

• Relevant corrections and updates were made to the detailed documentation based on the identified design errors;

• Layout for all vessel systems was developed using specialized CATIA V5 modules;

• Detailed drawings of pipeline systems, including pipe design were provided;

• Drawings of pre-insulation population of equipment.